Geiger Counter RadRate basic

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Geiger Counter RadRate basic
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  • Digital radiation meter „Made in Germany“

  • New Home-Geiger counter for less than 200EUR

  • Detection of alpha-, beta- and gamma radiation or X-rays

  • easy operation without misleading device menu

  • Notarized proof of function of cesium-137 source (Chernobyl isotope)

  • Unique audible and visual indication of the measured radioactive decays

  • A bright flash LED, geiger counters typical cracking and LCD counter

  • Shock-resistant body, Small size 118mm x 80mm x 26mm

  • Multi Language instruction manual

  • Instrument for radioactive radiation / Geiger counter

  • New unit in original packaging

  • Batteries: 9V battery (6LR61) is required (not included)

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Product Description

After switching on the unit the number of radioactive decays per minute are shown immediately. The result can easily be calculated into Sievert per hour by the conversion factor. You do not have to wait 50 seconds on an averaged result as part of other devices. Thus RadRate basic is also suitable for focus search as for the search for certain minerals, or other radiation maxima.

The RadRate basic has a sturdy handy case with a large LCD display and side rubber armoring. The radiation sensitive sensor area is located on the rear of the unit and protected by a mesh. The operation of the device is very simple , because there is only one button for on and off. The counter display covers an area from 0 to 1999 pulses per minute, or from 0 to 120μSv per hour without changing range. 120μSv per hour is more than a thousand times the natural background radiation in Germany. To preserve battery life and avoid inadvertent battery discharge, the unit itself switches off after 10 minutes of operation.

RadRate Basic uses no conventional Geiger-Müller counter tube for radiation detection as other devices, but innovative semiconductor technology. Thus, no high voltage of several 100Volt for operation of the Geiger counter tube is generated inside the unit. Therefore the use of the RadRate basic under safety and electromagnetic aspects is totally risk free.

Detailed information about the device operation can be found in the enclosed multilingual instruction manual . Further information and technical data you can find at

Radiation does not smell, is invisible, and it does not hurt at the first time. The more important it is to measure the strength of radioactivity with a gauge. With the RadRate basic radiation meter this is done very easy and intuitive. RadRate basic is suitable for rapid measurement of alpha, beta and gamma contamination of surface and radioactivity in environmental samples or minerals.

You get a uranium glass test emitter included! A 9V battery (6LR61) ranges depending on the battery technology for about 120 to 220 hours of continuous operation. We recommend using at least one 9-volt alkaline battery. Lowest self discharge and high energy density ensures a 9V lithium battery. It will keep your RadRate basic ready for use over years.

Technical Specifications

CE marking

The Geiger counter RadRate was subjected to CE-based testing. 

Technical data RadRate basic:

Dimensions (length, width, height): 117mm x 79mm x 26mm
Weight: 116g (without battery) 160g (with battery) 
Display "counts per minute": 0 to 1999 ≙ 0 to 118μSv / h
 Zero rate: 1 to 4 counts per minute (in Germany) 
conversion factor µSv/h: 17cpm ≙ 1µSv/h)
conversion factor mRad/h : 17cpm ≙ 0,1mRad/h
battery life:120h. to 220h. continuous operation depending on battery technology.
Auto power off: 10 to 12 minutes
Operating temperature range: 0 bis 40°C
Storage temperature range: -15 bis 70°C
Humidity: 5% to 95% noncondensing 


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